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CalFire - What's burning & where?
Drakesbad Guest Ranch Lassen VNP
LACC Golf Course - Book a Tee Time
LACC Mutual Water Company
Lake Almanor Project 2105 Committee
Lassen Volcanic National Park
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) - Firewise USA
Plumas County Fire Safe Council
Plumas County Visitors Bureau
Plumas County Museum, Quincy CA
Sierra Institute
Feather River Land Trust (Olsen Barn)
Weather Underground for Lake Almanor
NE California Highway Webcams
Current California Highway Conditions (Statewide)
Almanor Receation and Park District

Firewise Information

LACC General Information of interest to Members

Architectural Forms
Download 2016 LACC Member Handbook Architectural Section 6 Extract
Download Architectural:Construction Forms:Permits Package.pdf
Download Cal Fire Tree Removal Info_2015.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download Tram Notice.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018

Bandshell Summer Concert Schedule
Download 2018 Summer Concert Schedule

Golf Fees
Download 2019 Golf Fees
Download 2018 Golf Fees

LACC Board of Directors Monthly Agenda, Board Package & Proposed Changes
Posted for Member Feedback 2-15-19
Download Proposed Amendments to the Member Handbook
Posted for Member Feedback 2-15-19
Download Proposed Rules for Firewise (Safety)
Possible Amendments to Member Handbook
Download Special Board of Directors Meeting
Download Special Board of Directors Meeting

LACC Board of Directors Minutes

LACC Committee Agendas and Meeting Minutes
Download Clubhouse Committee Minutes 01-10-19
Download Clubhouse Committee Agenda 01-10-19
Download Clubhouse Committee Minutes 11-8-18
Download Clubhouse Committee Agenda 11-8-18
Download Clubhouse Committee Minutes 10-11-18
Download Firewise Committee Agenda 02-07-19
Download Firewise Committee Agenda 01-10-19
Download Firewise Committee Agenda 12-20-18
Download Firewise Committee Agenda 12-11-18

LACC Fee & Fine Schedules
Approved 10-16-16 Effective 1-1-17 The following sections have been adopted by the Board of Directors as LACC Rules
Download Fine Schedule
List of Member, Golf, Pickleball/Tennis, Construction & Rental Fees
Download 2019 LACC Fee Schedule
List of Golf, Tennis, Member, Contruction and Rental Fees
Download 2018 LACC Fee Schedule

LACC Financial Reports and Approved Budgets

LACC Governing Documents
Download Member Handbook Rev 9-15-18c.pdf
Download LACC Vision and Mission Statements .pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download LACC Bylaws.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download Collection Policies and Practices.pdf
Download Articles of Incorporation.pdf
Download Second Restated Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

LACC Newsletters

LACC Rental Forms
Download Credit Card Authorization Form
Download Renter's Handbook
Download Renter Registration Form
Download Long Term Renter Registration Form

LACC Policies & Procedures
Download Capitalization of Fixed Assets Policy.pdf
Download Collection Policy.pdf
Download Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf
Download Posting of General Notices Policy.pdf
Download Record Retention Policy.pdf
Download Reserve Funds Policy
Download Transfer of Funds Policy
Download Whistleblower Policy.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018

LACC Unit 21 Information
Download 2018_08 UNIT 21 BOD Minutes
Download 2018_08 UNIT 21 BOD Minutes Annual Meeting
Download Unit 21 2018 Annual Mtg Agenda

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