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CalFire - What's burning & where?
Drakesbad Guest Ranch Lassen VNP
LACC Golf Course - Book a Tee Time
LACC Mutual Water Company
Lake Almanor Project 2105 Committee
Lassen Volcanic National Park
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) - Firewise USA
Plumas County Fire Safe Council
Plumas County Visitors Bureau
Plumas County Museum, Quincy CA
Sierra Institute
Feather River Land Trust (Olsen Barn)
Weather Underground for Lake Almanor
NE California Highway Webcams
Current California Highway Conditions (Statewide)
Almanor Receation and Park District

Firewise Information
Plans, Guidelines, Firesafe Laws
Plan for our Community developed by the LACC Firewise Committee
Download LACC Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Know the Law
Download Defensible Space & Hardening your Home

Essential information for Home Owners
Download Cal Fire Guide to Maintaining Defensible Space

A Cal Fire Video link
Download Cal Fire's Ready, Set, Go Overview

Wildfire--Are you prepared?
Download Plumas County Wildfire Preparation and Evacuation_plan.pdf

Cal Fire Guide to Maintaining Defensible Space
Download 5/2016 Firewise Newsletter
Past Newsletter Articles and References
Sierra Forests Threatened -- Present Conditions
Download 6/2017 Firewise Newsletter

Practical Reminders for LACC Fire Protection
Download 5/2017 Firewise Newsletter

Sate Funds for Plumas/LACC & Keys to Lot Cleanups
Download 4/2017 Firewise Newsletter

A Book Review Related to Wildland Fires
Download 3/2017 Firewise Newsletter

What does Homeowners Insurance cover in our Forestlands
Download 9/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Making a Healthy Forest Environment
Download 8/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Evacuation Steps in case of Fire
Download 7/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Cal Fire guide to Hardening Your Home
Download 6/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Neighbors Teaming up to Mitigate Wildifire Danger
Download 4/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Making a Healthy Forest Environment
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 8-_1_16.pdf

Firewise Website and Black Forest Fire Structure Protection Video links
Download Firewise Website and Video Link.pdf

From Lake Almanor West Country Club--Firewise Notes
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 11_10_16.pdf

From Lake Almanor West Country Club -- Fire Safe Yards
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 9_12_15.pdf

Homeowners Responsibilities for Fire Hazard Reductions
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 8_10_16.pdf
Firewise Education and Training
Video: Good, Short & Practical
Download Defensible Space Landscaping

Video: Firewise Workshop Series
Download The Power of Embers

Wideo: Firewise Workshop Series
Download Know the Home Ignition Zone

Video: Firewise Workshop Series
Download Community Risk Reduction Success Stories

Audio: NPR Science Friday -- Good Discussion
Download Trees Battle Beetles Amid Drought

Protecting Your Home from Fire with the Right Plants
Download Lassen Firewise Landscape and Plant Guide

LACC General Information of interest to Members
List of Local Service Providers and other useful General Information
August 2018 list of service providers in the local area
Download Local Service Provider Directory

How to reserve a picnic table in Rec 1.
Download Rec 1 Picnic Table Reservations

LACC Website How to . . .
Download LACC Website Tips

Information to make your life at LACC more pleasant
Download LACC FAQs and Useful Information
Board of Directors and Committee Meeting Schedules

Architectural Forms
Download 2016 LACC Member Handbook Architectural Section 6 Extract
Download Architectural:Construction Forms:Permits Package.pdf
Download Cal Fire Tree Removal Info_2015.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download Tram Notice.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018

Bandshell Summer Concert Schedule
Download 2018 Summer Concert Schedule

Golf Fees and Master Schedule
Download Golf Fees and Master Schedule
Posted on Jun 26, 2018

LACC Board of Directors Monthly Board Package
Download 2018 October Public Board Packet

LACC Board of Directors Minutes

LACC Fee Schedule
List of Golf, Tennis, Member, Contruction and Rental Fees
Download 2018 LACC Fee Schedule
Posted on Jun 26, 2018

LACC Financial Reports and 2019 Proposed Budget

LACC Governing Documents
Download Member Handbook Rev 9-15-18.pdf
Posted on Oct 05, 2018
Download LACC Vision and Mission Statements .pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download LACC Bylaws.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download Collection Policies and Practices.pdf
Download Articles of Incorporation.pdf
Download Second Restated Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

LACC Newsletters

LACC Policies
Download Whistleblower Policy.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download Record Retention Policy.pdf
Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Download Posting of General Notices Policy.pdf
Download Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf
Download Collection Policy.pdf
Download Capitalization of Fixed Assets Policy.pdf

LACC Rental Forms
Download Renter Registration Form
Download Renter's Handbook
Download Credit Card Authorization Form

LACC Unit 21 Documents
Download Unit 21 2018 Annual Mtg Agenda

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