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Finally!!  Here are the winners of the 2022 LACC Photo Contest:

Category: Landscape

  • First Place: Dan Murray - Milky Way Over Dyer Mountain
  • Second Place:  Kelli Randolph - Peace
  • Third Place:  Maddy Bearfield - Foggy Winter

Category: Wildlife

  • First Place:  Jake Edwards - A Wild Scene
  • Second Place:  Dan Murray - Buck and Dow in the Peninsula during the Rut
  • Third Place:  John Broderick - Great Blue Heron - Domingo Springs

Category:  Macro

  • First Place:  John Broderick - Buckeye Butterfly
  • Second Place:  John Broderick - Beautiful Thistle
  • Third Place:  John Broderick - Chicken of the Woods

Honorable Mentions

  • John Broderick - Douglas Squirrel - "Crazy Doug"
  • Michele O'Neil - Snow Blossoms
  • Michele O'Neil - Tree for Two
Drop by the LACC Clubhouse,and view them in person.  Congratulations, winners!! These photos are true art!