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LACC Golf Groups to Join

Nine-Tee-Niners Golf Club
$54.00 for 2021  or   $15.00 for Associate
Please give to Cheryl Houts or mail to 1084 N. Central Ave., San Jose, CA 95128.

Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club
$65.00 for 2021  or  $26.00 for Associate
Please give to Susan España or mail to 1304 Peninsula Dr., Lake Almanor, CA 96137

Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club
Dues as follows:
If you don’t want to join NCGA membership through another golf club, 2021
    9-Hole Club dues are $20 and payable no later than the first breakfast meeting
    in 2021.
 • If you are a current NCGA member, 2021 dues are $59, are due and payable
    on 10-1-20 and delinquent on 11-15-20.  The dues include $39 for NCGA
    and $20 for the Men’s 9-Hole Club.
 • To join NCGA for the first time or to be reinstated after allowing your NCGA
    membership to lapse, the cost is $69 which includes $39 for NCGA
    membership, $10 for a NCGA-imposed fee and $20 for Men’s 9-Hole Golf
    Club dues.
 • If you belong to the LACC Men’s Golf Association and wish to obtain your
    NCGA membership through the Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club, there is no fee to
    transfer your NCGA membership.

Please make checks payable to:  LACC Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club” and mail to:
          Bob Lambert
          55 Rollingwood Dr.
          San Rafael, CA  94901
Click here to go to LACC Men's 9-Hole Golf Club

Men’s 18-Hole Golf Club
$70.00 for 2021 renewal after 12-31-20 pay $80.00             
$80.00 for new Members
Click here to go to LACC Men's Golf Association

Applications for:

Men's Golf Association                 Click for Men's 18-Hole Golf Club Application

Men's 9-Hole Golf Club                 Click for Men's 9-Hole Golf Club Membership Form

Women's Golf Club                       Click for Women's 18-Hole Golf Club Membership Form

Women's Nine-Tee-Niners            Click for Women's Nine-Tee-Niners Golf Club Application  


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