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Firewise Information
General Information
Download Put a Freeze on Winter Fires
Plans, Guidelines, Firesafe Laws
Plan for our Community developed by the LACC Firewise Committee
Download LACC Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Know the Law
Download Defensible Space & Hardening your Home

Essential information for Home Owners
Download Cal Fire Guide to Maintaining Defensible Space

A Cal Fire Video link
Download Cal Fire's Ready, Set, Go Overview

Wildfire--Are you prepared?
Download Plumas County Wildfire Preparation and Evacuation_plan.pdf

Cal Fire Guide to Maintaining Defensible Space
Download 5/2016 Firewise Newsletter
Past Newsletter Articles and References
Sierra Forests Threatened -- Present Conditions
Download 6/2017 Firewise Newsletter

Practical Reminders for LACC Fire Protection
Download 5/2017 Firewise Newsletter

Sate Funds for Plumas/LACC & Keys to Lot Cleanups
Download 4/2017 Firewise Newsletter

A Book Review Related to Wildland Fires
Download 3/2017 Firewise Newsletter

What does Homeowners Insurance cover in our Forestlands
Download 9/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Making a Healthy Forest Environment
Download 8/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Evacuation Steps in case of Fire
Download 7/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Cal Fire guide to Hardening Your Home
Download 6/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Neighbors Teaming up to Mitigate Wildifire Danger
Download 4/2016 Firewise Newsletter

Making a Healthy Forest Environment
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 8-_1_16.pdf

Firewise Website and Black Forest Fire Structure Protection Video links
Download Firewise Website and Video Link.pdf

From Lake Almanor West Country Club--Firewise Notes
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 11_10_16.pdf

From Lake Almanor West Country Club -- Fire Safe Yards
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 9_12_15.pdf

Homeowners Responsibilities for Fire Hazard Reductions
Download AWCC Firewise Notes 8_10_16.pdf
Firewise Education and Training
Video: Good, Short & Practical
Download Defensible Space Landscaping

Video: Firewise Workshop Series
Download The Power of Embers

Wideo: Firewise Workshop Series
Download Know the Home Ignition Zone

Video: Firewise Workshop Series
Download Community Risk Reduction Success Stories

Audio: NPR Science Friday -- Good Discussion
Download Trees Battle Beetles Amid Drought

Protecting Your Home from Fire with the Right Plants
Download Lassen Firewise Landscape and Plant Guide

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