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Lake Almanor Country Club
Physical, Mailing Address & Office Hours:  
501 Peninsula Drive 
Lake Almanor, CA 96137
Admin Office: 530-596-3282
Fax:                  530-596-3877

Office Hours: 

   Monday thru Friday:
   8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Clifford Gate Hours:
Monday - Saturday:     7am - 7pm
                  Sunday:     7am - 6pm

Clifford Gate/

Peninsula Fire Dept (non emergency) 530-362-7354

LACC Clubhouse
  951 Clifford Drive
  Lake Almanor, CA 96137

* Clifford's Restaurant
  • 530-259-2026
  • Closed for the Season
 Sugar Pine Lounge
  • 530-259-5440
  • Hours:
             Friday & Saturday   11 am to Close
             Sunday & Monday    2 pm to Close
             Tuesday & Wednesday - CLOSED

 * Golf Shop, Golf Course, Driving Range
  • 530-259-2868
  • Closed for the Season
  Sports Center
     Rec 1, Peninsula Drive
     Lake Almanor, CA 96137
  • 530-259-3656
  • Closed for the Season           

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS - (Click name to send email)

Doug Coffman - President

Janelle Orr - Vice President

Jeff Harms - Secretary

Kristy Cox - Treasurer

Philip Scruggs - Director

Tony Taylor - Director

Kenny Walker - Director

Linda Brown - Interim Transition Manager (not a director)

Helpful Contacts -

Emergency (Fire or Health)

LACC Mutual Water Company

Feather River Disposal


Ferrellgas Susanville Office


Peninsula Firehall #2
530-362-7354 (non emergency)

Plumas County Sheriff Dispatch

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